Electronics Support

Electronics circuit boardLike all appliances, electronics do eventually wear down and may require repair.  The College of Engineering Electronics Shop provides electronics support for departmental-owned equipment within the college.  You may contact the Electronics Shop directly by calling (414) 288-7117 or email coetech@marquette.edu.

Services Provided

  1. Keep operational/repair all undergraduate lab equipment (all Departments).
  2. Maintain and repair all faculty, staff office computers, printers, and fax machines.
  3. Assist all personnel of all departments with maintenance of lab equipment.
  4. Setup, check , and inventory , computers, printers, test and measurement equipment that are purchased by the college or departmentally.
  5. Order supplies for college or departments as needed from various vendors. These items would include batteries, toner and inkjet cartridges from standing orders for the college.
  6. Assist in the procurement of hardware for computer upgrades, test equipment, etc. as to vendor, models, cost and the source of supply.
  7. Maintain all classroom visual aids, ie. overheads, video display, and slide projectors.
  8. Assist with software application problems where possible and e-mail and network problems-all departments, students, faculty and staff.
  9. Communicate with faculty, staff, students and vendors various concerns and problems that may arise on a daily basis.