Computer Replacement Policy

The Marquette Computer Replacement Program (CRP) is established by and subject to the University Policies and Procedures (UPP) document #1-29.  The program is intended to replace University-purchased and owned computers once their warranties have expired.

  • Computers are eligible for replacement if their warranties have expired, if they were originally purchased with University funds, and if they are a part of the Marquette Master CRP inventory.
  • Only one replacement computer is allowed per person.  Replacement of non-designated computers and/or additional computers is the responsibility of the department.
  • Computers must meet the current fiscal year’s computer standards as set by the campus ITS.
  • Computers must be ordered through an approved Marquette computer vendor and purchased with a four-year warranty.
  • Upgrades to the standard desktop computer are the financial responsibility of the department.
  • The individual must surrender their old computer when receiving a new computer that will be covered under the CRP.
  • At this time, the standard desktop computer replacement does not include a computer monitor unless the existing monitor is a CRT-monitor or the monitor display size is 15” or less.
  • Computers not purchased with University unrestricted funds (such as through grants and donations) may not be considered a part of the CRP.
  • Individuals are eligible for a computer replacement if they work directly for the College of Engineering and their salaries are paid with University funds.