Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to buy?

Software such as Microsoft Office, and Siemens NX will be provided at no extra cost. For students that will be using Labview, they will have to purchase a $15 license from Bookmarq.  Students will be notified which software they need during the first week of their classes each semester.

Can I buy a laptop that is not part of the official laptop program?

Yes as long as it meets the minimum requirements.  Generally make sure the processor is quad-core and the operating system is Microsoft Windows 10.

Can I buy a Mac?

Windows is needed to run most of the engineering software used at Marquette University. Students that choose to buy a Mac will not receive support for compatibility issues with engineering software. They also will be required to install Windows for most engineering software to work.

Can I buy a desktop?

Software that is used at Marquette is used during classes and labs. Some professors require students to bring their laptops to class. It is not practical to bring a large desktop computer to class.

Why is there more than one laptop choice?

We provide several options for students to choose from based on their preferences such as screen size, portability and price.

What do I do if I have a problem with my laptop?

Any problems pertaining to campus technology, such as password problems, D2L, Checkmarq, and Printwise, are taken care of by the ITS helpdesk. They are located on the second floor of Cudahy Hall.

Any problems pertaining to personal computers, such as viruses, and problems connecting to the Internet, are taken care of by the Wired helpdesk. They are located on the second floor of Cudahy Hall room 238.  Students that have a hardware issue with a laptop that was purchased through the approved laptop program can contact PDS for assistance. Their phone number is        1-877-737-7211.

What do I do if I have I have an issue with software provided by the College of Engineering?

Support for software is provided by the College of Engineering’s Technology Support helpdesk, which is found on the second floor of Engineering Hall, room 254.