eMarq Malware Filtering

Marquette IT Services will be upgrading the campus-wide spam/phishing email filters for the eMarq mail servers.  The new email filtering system from ProofPoint will begin this Friday, April 29.  Proofpoint will include the following features:

  • Known malicious web addresses in email messages will be blocked.
  • Proofpoint filtering will quarantine messages containing spam before they reach your Inbox. Spam emails will be held in your personal quarantine.
  • If messages are quarantined, you will receive an End User Digest email that notifies you about quarantined emails every five days.
    Do not forward your End User Digest email to others because it contains a unique, direct link to your personal quarantine.
  • Suspect emails will be quarantined for 14 days then automatically deleted.
  • You will be able to access quarantined emails and release any mistakenly held emails.
  • Previously blocked senders and safe senders will not be available in Proofpoint. You can add email addresses to your Proofpoint Safe Senders List to always receive messages from specific senders. And you can specify email addresses on your Proofpoint Blocked Senders List to always block messages from unwanted senders.

For more information, please visit the ProofPoint FAQ page:

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